AWS Billing and Cost Management
User Guide (Version 2.0)

When to Use Consolidated Billing


Consolidated billing is now a feature of AWS Organizations. The information provided in the Billing and Cost Management documentation might be out of date. For current information about consolidated billing, see Consolidated Billing and AWS Organizations in the AWS Organizations User Guide.

The Consolidated Billing feature is probably a good option for you in any of the following scenarios:

  • You have multiple accounts today and want to get a single bill and track each account's charges (e.g., you might have multiple projects, each with its own AWS account).

  • You have multiple cost centers to track.

  • You've acquired a project or company that has its own existing AWS account and you want to consolidate it on the same bill with your other AWS accounts.

Consolidated Billing is strictly an accounting and billing feature. It is not a method for controlling accounts, or provisioning resources for accounts. It doesn't change how the accounts function or how they are accessed. Consolidated Billing, therefore, cannot be used for sharing computing resources between accounts.


You can also use cost allocation tagging to create a custom tag set that maps to your organization's cost centers. For more information, see Using Cost Allocation Tags.