AWS Billing and Cost Management
User Guide (Version 2.0)

Using the AWS Price List API

The AWS Price List API enables you to query for the prices of AWS services. You can also subscribe to Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) notifications to be notified when prices for the services change. AWS prices change periodically, such as when AWS cuts prices, when new instance types are launched, or when new services are introduced.

To access the pricing information, download the offer file:

  • Offer file – A JSON or CSV file that lists the products and prices for a single AWS service. For more information, see Downloading an Offer File.

To find a list of all available offer files, download the offer index file:

  • Offer index file – A JSON file that lists the supported AWS services, with a URL for each offer file where you can download pricing details. The file also includes metadata about the offer index file itself. For more information, see Downloading an Offer Index File.

Offer files do not include information about expiring free tier offers or Amazon EC2 Spot Instances. Only some services have offer files.


The AWS Price List API provides pricing details for your information only. If there is a discrepancy between the offer file and a service pricing page, AWS charges the prices listed on the service pricing page. For more information about AWS service pricing, see Cloud Services Pricing.

To receive SNS notifications when prices change, see Setting Up Change Notifications.

Downloading an Offer Index File

To download the offer index file, go to the following URL:

The URL opens the offer index file. In the offer index file, search for the service that you want prices for.

For more information, see Reading the Offer Index File.

Downloading an Offer File

To download the offer file for the service that you want, go to the URL for that offer file. Note that the offer index file has the JSON URLS. To download the CSV version, replace the .json extension in the offer file URL with .csv.

If you are accessing the offer files programmatically, you can use the offer index file to find the current URLs. For more information about the offer index file, see Finding Prices in an Offer File and Reading an Offer File.