AWS Billing and Cost Management
User Guide (Version 2.0)

Tracking Your Free Tier Usage

If you are eligible for the free tier and you use a free tier offering, you can track your usage with the Top Free Tier Services by Usage table on the dashboard of the Billing and Cost Management console. The table doesn't appear if any of following conditions are true:

  • You use an AWS service that doesn't offer a free tier.

  • Your free tier has expired.

  • You access AWS through Amazon Internet Services Pvt. Ltd (AISPL).

  • You access AWS through AWS Organizations, but you don't use the master account.

The Top Free Tier Service by Usage table shows how much you've used of the free tier limits for your top five services, along with a forecast of how much you are predicted to use by the end of the month. The table shows usage as both a percentage of the free tier limit and as a ratio of the free tier limit. For example, if you use 3 GB of the free tier Amazon S3 storage, the table shows 60% and 3/5 GB.

The table is broken out by service limit. This means that a service might have multiple lines, and you can track each free tier limit closely. For example, each month you get 5 GB of Amazon S3 storage and 2,000 Amazon S3 Put operations. The free tier usage table will have two lines, one for S3 - Storage and one for S3 - Puts, as shown in the following screenshot.

To see more details about your free tier usage, including all of your active free tier services, choose View All in the Top Free Tier Services by Usage table. The detailed table includes additional information such as the free tier limits and a status icon to alert you if you have exceeded the limits, or are predicted to exceed the limits.