Amazon Chime
Administration Guide

Connect to Your Active Directory

You can connect your Amazon Chime account with your organization's Active Directory.


Using your Active Directory has the following benefits:

  • Amazon Chime users can sign in with their Active Directory credentials.

  • Administrators can choose which credential security features to add, including password rotation, password complexity rules, and multi-factor authorization.

  • When users accounts are disabled in your Active Directory, their Amazon Chime accounts are automatically disabled.

  • You can specify which Active Directory groups receive Plus or Pro licenses.

    • Multiple groups can be configured to receive Plus or Pro licenses.

    • Users that are not members of either group can't sign into Amazon Chime.

    • Users in both groups receive a Pro license.


Before you can add your Active Directory to Amazon Chime, you must complete the following requirements:

After you add a directory to Amazon Chime, when users log in using an email address from one of the domains that you added to your Amazon Chime enterprise account, they are prompted to log in with their directory credentials.

To add a directory

  1. Open the Amazon Chime console at

  2. In the navigation pane, Settings, Active directory.

  3. For Cloud directory ID, select the AWS Directory Service directory to use for Amazon Chime, and then choose Connect.


    You can find your directory ID using the AWS Directory Service console.

  4. After your directory has been connected, choose Add a new group. For Group, type a name for the group. For License, select Plus or Pro. Choose Add Group.

  5. Repeat this procedure to create additional directory groups.