Amazon Chime
Administration Guide

Contact Support for Amazon Chime

If you are an administrator and need to contact support for Amazon Chime, choose one of the following options:

It's helpful to provide the following information:

  • A detailed description of the issue.

  • The time the issue occurred, including your time zone.

  • Your Amazon Chime version. To find your version number:

    • In Windows, choose Help, About Amazon Chime.

    • In OSX, choose Amazon Chime, About Amazon Chime.

    • In iOS and Android, choose Settings, About.

  • The Log Reference ID. To find this ID:

    • In Windows and OSX, choose Help, Send Diagnostic Logs.

    • In iOS and Android, choose Settings, Send Diagnostic Logs.

  • If your issue is related to a meeting, the Meeting ID.