Amazon CloudSearch
Developer Guide (API Version 2013-01-01)


NAME cs-configure-from-batches DESCRIPTION Scans document data formatted in JSON or XML and configures index fields for all of the document fields. Prompts for confirmation before making any changes unless you specify the --force option. By default, fields that have already been configured are left as-is. Use the --replace option to overwrite the existing configuration. For more information, see the developer guide topic "Configuring Index Fields for an Amazon CloudSearch Domain". SYNOPSIS cs-configure-from-batches --source FILE|S3_URI [--replace] [--force] COMMON_OPTIONS COMMON OPTIONS -a, --access-key STRING Your AWS access key ID. Used in conjunction with --secret-key. Required if you do not use an AWS credential file. -c, --aws-credential-file FILE The path to the file that contains your AWS access key ID and secret access key. Required if you have not set the AWS_CREDENTIAL_FILE environment variable or explicitly set your credentials with --access-key and --secret-key. -d, --domain-name STRING The name of the domain that you are querying or configuring. Required. -e, --endpoint URL The endpoint for the Amazon CloudSearch Configuration Service. Defaults to the CS_ENDPOINT environment variable or if the environment variable is not set. Optional. -h, --help Display this help message. Optional. -k, --secret-key STRING Your AWS secret access key. Used in conjunction with --access-key. Required if you do not use an AWS credential file. -ve, --verbose Display verbose log messages. Optional. -v, --version Display the version number of the command line tools. Optional. CONFIGURE OPTIONS -f, --force Apply changes to the domain's configuration without confirmation. Optional. -re, --replace Upload configuration information for all identified fields and overwrite the configuration of any fields that were already defined. (Prompts for confirmation unless you also specify --force.) Optional. -s, --source FILE|S3 URI The path to a file or an S3 URI that contains the data you want to scan. You can specify multiple files or S3 URIs. For example: --source batch1.json batch2.json. Required. EXAMPLE cs-configure-from-batches -d mydomain --source s3://mybucket/myAmazingDataSet COMMON_OPTIONS