AWS CodeDeploy
User Guide (API Version 2014-10-06)

Plan a Revision for AWS CodeDeploy

Good planning makes deploying revisions to instances much easier.

Start by creating an empty root directory (folder) on the development machine. This is where you will store the source files (such as text and binary files, executables, packages, and so on) to be deployed to the instances or scripts to be run on the instances.

For example, at the /tmp/ root folder in Linux, macOS, or Unix or the c:\temp root folder in Windows:

/tmp/ or c:\temp (root folder) |--content (subfolder) | |--myTextFile.txt | |--mySourceFile.rb | |--myExecutableFile.exe | |--myInstallerFile.msi | |--myPackage.rpm | |--myImageFile.png |--scripts (subfolder) | | | |--myBatchScript.bat | |--myPowerShellScript.ps1 |--appspec.yml

The root folder should also include an application specification file (AppSpec file), as shown here. For more information, see Add an Application Specification File to a Revision for AWS CodeDeploy.