AWS CodeStar
User Guide

Customize an AWS CodeStar Dashboard

You can customize your project dashboard by adding, removing, and moving tiles. You can also customize the team wiki tile to show information about your project.

            A customized project dashboard in AWS CodeStar

Add, Remove, or Move Tiles on Your Dashboard

You can change the appearance of your project dashboard by adding tiles, removing tiles, or changing the order and position of tiles on your dashboard.

To change the appearance of your project dashboard, do one or more of the following:

  • To add a tile, on the project dashboard, choose Add tile and choose the tile from the list. You can only add one of each type of tile.

  • To remove a tile, on the project dashboard, choose the ellipsis menu on the tile, and then choose Remove from dashboard.

  • To change the position of a tile on the dashboard, drag it to the position where you want it to appear.

Add a Project Extension to Your Dashboard

AWS CodeStar includes extensions that add tiles and functionality to your dashboard. For example, you can configure the JIRA extension to add and configure a JIRA tile for your project dashboard.

To add a project extension, in the navigation bar for your project, choose Extensions. Choose Add extension, and then follow the instructions for setting up the extension. Depending on the extension and the configuration of your project dashboard tiles, you might need to choose the ellipsis menu and choose Add tile after you have configured the extension. Configuring an extension does not add the tile to the dashboard automatically.


After you have added the extension, you can manage it by returning to the Extensions page and choosing the ellipsis menu for that extension.

Customize the Team Wiki Tile

Each AWS CodeStar project includes a customizable team wiki tile. You can change the name of this tile as well as its contents. You can use this customizable tile to share links to team resources or highlight code samples. Every project team member can view this tile, but only team members who are assigned a Contributor or Owner role can modify its contents. This tile supports both plain text and CommonMark content, with the following differences:

  • You can highlight programming language syntax in code blocks. To do this, specify the language, followed by the code. For example, for JavaScript:

    ```JavaScript var hello = function() { console.log("hello world"); } ```
  • Inline embedding of images is not supported.


Do not use this tile to store confidential data.

To customize a team wiki tile in a project

  1. Open the AWS CodeStar console at

    Choose the project from the list of projects.

  2. In the project dashboard, choose the ellipsis button for the project information tile, and then choose Edit.

  3. In Markdown Editor, enter the new tile name in Title. In Markdown content, add plain text or CommonMark content. For example, you could add a link to your team project wiki or other content.

    Choose Save.

For a step-by-step example, see Step 4: Customize the Team Wiki Tile and the Project Dashboard.