AWS Data Pipeline
Developer Guide (API Version 2012-10-29)

Incremental copy of RDS MySQL table to Redshift

The Incremental copy of RDS MySQL table to Redshift template copies data from a Amazon RDS MySQL table to a Redshift table by staging data in an Amazon S3 folder. The Amazon S3 staging folder must be in the same region as the Redshift cluster. Data Pipeline uses a translation script to create a Redshift table with the same schema as the source RDS MySQL table if it does not already exist. You must provide any RDS MySQL to Redshift column data type overrides you would like to apply during Redshift table creation. This template will copy changes that are made to the RDS MySQL table between scheduled intervals starting from the scheduled start time. Physical deletes to the RDS MySQL table will not be copied. You must provide the column name that stores the last modified time value.

The template uses the following pipeline objects:

  • RDSToS3CopyActivity

  • CopyActivity

  • RedshiftCopyActivity

  • S3DataNode

  • SqlDataNode

  • RedshiftDataNode

  • RedshiftDatabase