AWS for DevOps
Getting Started Guide

Step 2.1: Create an AWS CodeCommit Repository

In this step, you will create an AWS CodeCommit repository that will store the source code. (Later, in Step 3: Download and Push the Source Code, you will download the source code and then push it into this repository so that it can be deployed later in this walkthrough.)

To create the AWS CodeCommit repository

  1. Open the AWS CodeCommit console at

  2. In the AWS region selector, choose US East (N. Virginia). (This walkthrough uses AWS resources in this region only.)

  3. On the Dashboard page, choose Create new repository. (If a welcome page appears instead of the Dashboard page, choose Get started.)

  4. On the Create new repository page, for Repository name, type a repository name (for example, MyDemoRepo), and then choose Create repository. If you use a different name, substitute it for MyDemoRepo throughout this walkthrough.

  5. On the Dashboard page, choose MyDemoRepo.

  6. On the Code: MyDemoRepo page, choose Clone URL, and then choose HTTPS. Make a note of the URL that is displayed. You will need it for Step 2.3: Launch an Instance.

  7. Go to Step 2.2: Create a Key Pair.