AWS for DevOps
Getting Started Guide

Step 10.3: Verify the Changes for AWS OpsWorks

In this step, you will verify that AWS CodePipeline deployed the source code changes in AWS CodeCommit to your deployment target in AWS OpsWorks.

If you want to verify the results for AWS CodeDeploy, go to Step 10.1: Verify AWS CodeDeploy Changes.

If you want to verify the results for Elastic Beanstalk, go to Step 10.2: Verify Elastic Beanstalk Changes.

To verify the changes for AWS OpsWorks

  1. After Succeeded is displayed for the Source and Deploy stages in the pipeline, refresh the web browser tab you opened in Step 8.3: Verify AWS OpsWorks Results, and then skip to step 6 of this procedure. If you have closed your web browser, continue to the next step of this procedure.

  2. Open the AWS OpsWorks console at

  3. On the OpsWorks Dashboard page, choose the name of your stack.

  4. Choose Instances.

  5. Choose the Public IP link.

  6. The following web page will be displayed in your browser.

  7. Go to Step 11: Clean Up.