AWS for DevOps
Getting Started Guide

Step 8.2: Verify the Results for AWS Elastic Beanstalk

In this step, you will verify AWS CodePipeline deployed the source code in AWS CodeCommit to your deployment target in Elastic Beanstalk.

If you want to verify the results for AWS CodeDeploy, go to Step 8.1: Verify AWS CodeDeploy Results.

If you want to verify the results for AWS OpsWorks, go to Step 8.3: Verify AWS OpsWorks Results.

To verify the results for Elastic Beanstalk

  1. After Succeeded is displayed for the Source and Deploy stages of the pipeline, open the AWS CloudFormation console at

  2. In the AWS region selector, choose US East (N. Virginia).

  3. In the list of stacks, on the Resources tab for the stack you created in Step 5: Elastic Beanstalk Setup, for ElasticBeanstalkEnvironment, choose the Physical ID link.

  4. In the Elastic Beanstalk console, choose the link to the newly created environment.

  5. On the environment overview page, choose the URL link.

  6. The following web page will be displayed in your web browser.

  7. Go to Step 9.2: Change Elastic Beanstalk Source Code.