AWS Direct Connect
User Guide

Accessing a Remote AWS Region in North America

AWS Direct Connect locations in North America can access public resources in any North America region. You can use a single AWS Direct Connect connection to build multi-region services. To connect to a VPC in a remote region, you can use a virtual private network (VPN) connection over your public virtual interface.

To access public resources in a remote region, you must set up a public virtual interface and establish a border gateway protocol (BGP) session. For more information, see Virtual Interfaces.

After you have created a public virtual interface and established a BGP session to it, your router learns the routes of the other AWS regions in North America. You can then also establish a VPN connection to your VPC in the remote region. To learn more about configuring VPN connectivity to a VPC, see Scenarios for Using Amazon Virtual Private Cloud in the Amazon VPC User Guide.

Any data transfer out of a remote region is billed at the remote region data transfer rate. For more information about data transfer pricing, see the Pricing section on the AWS Direct Connect detail page.