Amazon EMR
Developer Guide

AWS EMR Command Line Interface Releases (Deprecated)


The Amazon EMR CLI is no longer under feature development. Customers are encouraged to use the Amazon EMR commands in the AWS CLI instead.

The following table lists the releases and changes in Amazon EMR CLI versions. The Amazon EMR CLI uses the release date as its version number.

Release DateDescription
2014-05-15Adds --ec2-instance-ids-to-terminate option. Adds support for Signature Version 4 signing with the CLI. Fixes a security issue.
2013-12-10Adds support for Impala on Amazon EMR. For more information, see Impala.
2013-12-02Adds support for Amazon EMR tags. For more information, see Tagging Amazon EMR Clusters.
2013-10-07Replaces the versioned HBase path with a version-less symlink so that HBase can be installed and used for both Hadoop 1.x and Hadoop 2.x.
2013-07-08Fixes a bug that ignores any hard-coded Pig version number and incorrectly uses the latest Pig version.
2013-03-19Improved support for launching clusters on third-party applications with a new --supported-product parameter that accepts custom user arguments.
2012-12-17Adds support for IAM roles.
2012-09-18Adds support for setting the visibility of clusters for IAM users with the --visible-to-all-users and --set-visible-to-all-users flags.
2012-08-22Improved SSL certificate verification.
2012-07-30Adds support for Hadoop 1.0.3.
2012-07-09Adds support for specifying the major and minor AMI version and automatically getting the AMI that matches those specifications and contains the latest patches.
2012-06-12Adds support for HBase and MapR.
2012-04-09Adds support for Pig 0.9.1, Pig versioning, and Hive
2012-03-13Adds support for Hive
2012-02-28Adds support for Hive
2011-12-08Adds support for Amazon Machine Image (AMI) versioning, Hadoop 0.20.205, Hive 0.7.1, and Pig 0.9.1. The default AMI version is the latest AMI version available.
2011-11-30Fixes support for Elastic IP addresses.
2011-08-08Adds support for running a cluster on Spot Instances.
2011-01-24Fixes bugs in the --json command processing and the list option.
2011-12-08Adds support for Hive 0.7.
2011-11-11Fixes issues in the processing of pig and hive arguments and the --main-class argument to the custom jar step.
2011-10-19Adds support for resizing running clusters. Substantially reworked processing arguments to be more consistent and unit testable.
2011-09-16Adds support for fetching files from Amazon EMR.
2011-06-02Adds support for Hadoop 0.20, Hive 0.5 and Pig 0.6.
2011-04-07Adds support for bootstrap actions.

To display the version of the Amazon EMR CLI currently installed

  • In the directory where you installed the Amazon EMR CLI, type the following command.

    • Linux, UNIX, and Mac OS X users:

      ./elastic-mapreduce --version
    • Windows users:

      ruby elastic-mapreduce --version

    If the CLI is correctly installed and the credentials properly configured, the CLI should display its version number represented as a date. The output should look similar to the following:

    Version 2012-12-17