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Amazon EMR AMI Deprecation

This documentation is for AMI versions 2.x and 3.x of Amazon EMR. For information about Amazon EMR releases 4.0.0 and above, see the Amazon EMR Release Guide. For information about managing the Amazon EMR service in 4.x releases, see the Amazon EMR Management Guide.

Eighteen months after an AMI version is released, the Amazon EMR team might choose to deprecate that AMI version and no longer support it. In addition, the Amazon EMR team might deprecate an AMI before eighteen months has elapsed if a security risk or other issue is identified in the software or operating system of the AMI. If a cluster is running when its AMI is depreciated, the cluster will not be affected. You will not, however, be able to create new clusters with the deprecated AMI version. The best practice is to plan for AMI obsolescence and move to new AMI versions as soon as is practical for your application.