Amazon EMR
Developer Guide

Supported Impala Versions

The Impala version you can run depends on the version of the Amazon EMR AMI and the version of Hadoop that you are using. The table below shows the AMI versions that are compatible with different versions of Impala. We recommend using the latest available version of Impala to take advantage of performance enhancements and new functionality. For more information about the Amazon EMR AMIs and AMI versioning, see Choose an Amazon Machine Image (AMI). The Amazon EMR console does not support Impala versioning and always launches the latest version of Impala.

Impala Version AMI Version Impala Version Details
1.2.4 3.1.0 and later

Adds support for Impala 1.2.4.

1.2.1 3.0.2 | 3.0.3 | 3.0.4

Amazon EMR introduces support for Impala with this version.