Amazon EMR
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Supported Instance Types

Amazon EC2 offers several basic instance types.

  • General purpose—You can use Amazon EC2 general purposes instances for most applications.

  • Compute optimized—These instances have proportionally more CPU resources than memory (RAM) for compute-intensive applications. Cluster compute instances also have increased network performance.

  • Memory optimized—These instances offer large memory sizes for high throughput applications, including database and memory caching applications.

  • Storage optimized—These instances provide proportionally high storage resources. They are well suited for data warehouse applications.

  • GPU instances—These instances provide compute resources for increased parallel processing performance with GPU-assisted applications.

The following table describes the instance types that Amazon EMR supports. For more information on these instance types, families, and virtualization types, see Amazon EC2 Instances and Amazon Linux AMI Instance Type Matrix.


Amazon EMR supports Previous Generation Instances to support applications that are optimized for these instances and have not yet been upgraded. For more information about these instances and upgrade paths, see Previous Generation Instances.

Instance Class Instance Types
General purpose

m1.medium | m1.large | m1.xlarge | m2.xlarge | m2.2xlarge | m2.4xlarge | m3.xlarge | m3.2xlarge | m4.large | m4.xlarge | m4.2xlarge | m4.4xlarge | m4.10xlarge | m4.16xlarge

Compute optimized

c1.medium | c1.xlarge | c3.xlarge | c3.2xlarge | c3.4xlarge | c3.8xlarge | c4.large | c4.xlarge | c4.2xlarge | c4.4xlarge | c4.8xlarge | cc2.8xlarge

Memory optimized

r3.xlarge | r3.2xlarge | r3.4xlarge | r3.8xlarge | r4.xlarge | r4.2xlarge | r4.4xlarge | r4.8xlarge | r4.16xlarge | cr1.8xlarge

Storage optimized

hs1.8xlarge | i2.xlarge | i2.2xlarge | i2.4xlarge | i2.8xlarge | i3.xlarge | i3.2xlarge | i3.4xlarge | i3.8xlarge | i3.16xlarge | d2.xlarge | d2.2xlarge | d2.4xlarge | d2.8xlarge


i3-series instances available when using Amazon EMR version 5.9.0 and later.

GPU instances

g2.2xlarge | cg1.4xlarge | p2.xlarge | p2.8xlarge | p2.16xlarge | p3.2xlarge | p3.8xlarge | p3.16xlarge


NVIDIA and CUDA drivers are installed on P2 and P3 instance types by default.


M4 and C4 instance types are only supported on Amazon EMR releases 3.10.0 and 4.x or greater, and all new releases launch clusters with EBS-backed storage for root volumes on all instance types.

Virtualization Types

The following table shows the virtualization type for each instance family used in Amazon EMR. For more information, see Linux AMI Virtualization Types in the Amazon EC2 User Guide for Linux Instances.

Instance Family Virtualization Types
c1 PVM
c3 PVM
c4 HVM
cc2 HVM
cg1 HVM
cr1 HVM
d2 HVM
g2 HVM
hs1 PVM
i2 HVM
i3 HVM
m1 PVM
m2 PVM
m3 PVM
m4 HVM
p2 HVM
p3 HVM
r3 HVM
r4 HVM

Enhanced Networking

Some instance types support enhanced networking provided that the instance type selected uses the HVM virtualization type, as indicated in the previous table. For more information about enhanced networking, see the following:

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