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Hue (Hadoop User Experience) is an open-source, web-based, graphical user interface for use with Amazon EMR and Apache Hadoop. Hue groups together several different Hadoop ecosystem projects into a configurable interface for your Amazon EMR cluster. Amazon has also added customizations specific to Hue in Amazon EMR releases. Launch your cluster using the Amazon EMR console and you can interact with Hadoop and related components on your cluster using Hue. For more information about Hue, go to

Supported and unsupported features of Hue on Amazon EMR

Hue on Amazon EMR supports the following:

  • Amazon S3 and Hadoop File System (HDFS) Browser—With the appropriate permissions, you can browse and move data between the ephemeral HDFS storage and S3 buckets belonging to your account.

  • Hive—Run interactive queries on your data. This is also a useful way to prototype programmatic or batched querying.

  • Pig—Run scripts on your data or issue interactive commands.

  • Oozie—Create and monitor Oozie workflows.

  • Metastore Manager—View and manipulate the contents of the Hive metastore (import/create, drop, and so on).

  • Job browser—See the status of your submitted Hadoop jobs.

  • User management—Manage Hue user accounts and integrate LDAP users with Hue.

  • AWS Samples—There are several "ready-to-run" examples, which process sample data from various AWS services using applications in Hue. When you log in to Hue, you are taken to the Hue Home application where the samples are pre-installed.

Hue on Amazon EMR does not support the following:

  • Livy Server

  • Spark notebook functionality

Using Hue or the AWS Management Console

Cluster administrators use the AWS Management Console to launch and administer clusters. This is also the case when you want to launch a cluster with Hue installed. On the other hand, end users may interact entirely with their Amazon EMR cluster through an application such as Hue. Hue acts as a front end for the applications on the cluster and it allows users to interact with their cluster in a more user-friendly interface. The applications in Hue, such as the Hive and Pig editors, replace the need to log in to the cluster to run scripts interactively with their respective shell applications.

Release Information

Application Amazon EMR Release Label Components installed with this application

Hue 3.12.0


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