Amazon Kinesis Firehose
Developer Guide

Writing to Amazon Kinesis Firehose Using AWS IoT

You can configure AWS IoT to send information to a Kinesis Firehose delivery stream by adding an action.

To create an action that sends events to an existing Kinesis Firehose delivery stream

  1. When creating your rule, in the Set one or more actions page, choose Add action, and then choose Send messages to an Amazon Kinesis Firehose stream.

  2. Choose Configure action.

  3. For Stream name, select an existing Kinesis Firehose delivery stream.

  4. For Separator, choose a separator character to be inserted between records.

  5. For IAM role name, choose an existing IAM role or choose Create a new role.

  6. Choose Add action.

For more information on creating AWS IoT rules, see AWS IoT Rule Tutorials.