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Choose Computing Resources

Amazon GameLift uses Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) resources to deploy your game servers and host game sessions for your players. When creating a fleet, you decide what type of resources to use and how many instances to maintain in the fleet. The more Amazon EC2 instances you have in your fleet, the more game sessions you can run concurrently. Keep in mind that each instance type has a cost associated with it, and you pay for each instance dedicated to your fleet. You can increase or decrease the number of instances in a fleet at any time (see Change Fleet Capacity) but the instance type is fixed once the fleet is created.

When you choose an instance type, you're determining the hardware that will be dedicated to each instance in the fleet, including computing power, memory, storage, and networking capacity. All instances in a fleet use the same instance type, so if you have game servers with different computing requirements, you need to set up separate fleets.

The platform for a fleet's instances depends on the operating system of the fleet's build (see supported game server platforms). Learn more about instance types for:

AWS Service Limits

AWS places limits how many Amazon EC2 instances can be use by an AWS account. Each instance type has a maximum number allowed per account, and this limit varies by AWS region. Each account also is limited in the total number of instances used regardless of type of instance. You can access information on limits in several ways:

  • Find general limits for Amazon GameLift, as well as all other AWS services on the AWS Service Limits page.

  • See limits for a specific region in the Amazon GameLift console: Select a region and choose Service limits from the Amazon GameLift menu. You can also view the total number of instances currently in use in the region.

  • Retrieve the maximum number of instances per AWS account (by region) by using the Amazon GameLift API action DescribeEC2InstanceLimits. This action also returns the number for instances currently active in the region.

If you need more instances than allowed by AWS service limits, you can request an increase on the Amazon GameLift Service limits page of the AWS Management Console.

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