Getting Started with AWS
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How Do I Get Started with the Free Usage Tier?

When you create a new AWS account, you can test-drive some of the services and learn about AWS without charge. AWS calls this the AWS Free Usage Tier.

You are eligible for the free tier for one year after you open your AWS account. After a year has passed, you will no longer be eligible for the free tier and will be charged any applicable fees for your AWS usage.

If you exceed the usage limits of the free tier or you use a service that is not on the free tier, you will be charged at the normal AWS billing rates.

Unused capacity under the free tier does not roll over from month to month; it's a use-it-or-lose-it model. To maximize your benefit from the free tier, be sure to spend time each month with AWS, investigating the services you’re curious about. The tutorials at What Should I Try First? walk you through some common tasks you can try on the AWS free tier: storing files, running a virtual server, and deploying an application.