AWS Greengrass
API Reference


Lists the versions of a group.

URI: /greengrass/groups/GroupId/versions

Operation: GET

Produces: application/json


  • GroupId

    The unique id of the AWS Greengrass group.

    where used: path

    required: true

    type: string

  • NextToken

    The token for the next set of results, or null if there are no additional results.

    where used: query

    required: false

    type: string

  • MaxResults

    The maximum number of results to be returned per request.

    where used: query

    required: false

    type: integer


  • 200 (ListGroupVersionsResponse)

    Success. The response body contains a list of versions and metadata for the group.

    Schema: ListVersionsResponse

  • 400

    invalid request

    Schema: GeneralError