AWS Greengrass
Developer Guide

Add the Lambda Function to Your Group Definition

Next, you are going to add the Hello World Lambda function to your group definition. After it is deployed locally, that function sends data back to the AWS IoT platform and shows you have a deployed a functioning core.

  1. In the AWS IoT console, choose Greengrass, and then choose Groups.

  2. Select the tile for your group.

  3. In the navigation pane, choose Lambdas, and then choose Add your first Lambda.

  4. Choose Use existing Lambda.

  5. Select the Hello World Lambda function you created eariler, and then choose Next.

    If you create many Lambda functions for Greengrass, you can organize them, and make searching for them easier, by using the Lambda function tagging feature. AWS Greengrass supports searching for Lambda functions by their tags in this console pane.

  6. Select the version of the Hello World Lambda function to use, and then choose Finish.