AWS Greengrass
Developer Guide

Add an AWS IoT Device to Your AWS Greengrass Group

Now that you have created an AWS Greengrass group and an AWS Greengrass core, you can add a device to your group. Use the AWS IoT console to create an AWS IoT thing, certificate, and policy for your device.

  1. Sign in to the AWS IoT console using your AWS credentials.

  2. Create a AWS IoT thing for your device. For more information, see Create a Thing.

  3. Create an AWS IoT device certificate and private key. For more information, see Create a Device Certificate. The certificate and private key are used by AWS Greengrass cores to establish a connection to cloud-based AWS IoT services. For example, the certificate enables the device to:

    • Connect to AWS IoT and receive information about AWS Greengrass groups to which the device belongs.

    • Connect to an AWS Greengrass core.

    Save the certificate and private key in a safe place. You will need to copy them to your AWS Greengrass core device.

  4. Attach your device certificate to your AWS IoT thing. For more information, see Attach a Certificate to a Thing.

  5. Make sure your certificate is activated.

  6. Create and attach an AWS IoT policy to your device certificate. The AWS policy determines which AWS IoT resources your AWS Greengrass core is able to access. In the AWS IoT console, choose Security, and then choose Policies. Choose Create to create an AWS IoT policy.

    On the Create a Policy page, type a name for your policy. Under Add statements, in the Action text box, type iot:*, greengrass:*. In the Resource ARN text box, type *. This allows the identity associated with this policy to perform all AWS IoT and AWS Greengrass operations. For more information, see Create an AWS IoT Policy.