AWS Greengrass
User Guide

Configure your Greengrass core

You need to associate your AWS Greengrass core with the AWS IoT thing you created for it. You do that by using the thing's ARN, the unique identifier assigned in the cloud to your AWS Greengrass core device when you provisioned it.

  1. Find the thing ARN for your AWS Greengrass core. In the AWS Greengrass console, from the navigation page, choose Groups.

  2. Choose your group to display its detail page.

  3. In the navigation pane, choose Cores.

  4. Choose your AWS Greengrass core to display its detail page.

  5. Copy the ARN of your AWS Greengrass core.

  6. On your AWS Greengrass core device, open the /greengrass/configuration/config.json file. It will initially look like this:

    { "coreThing": { "caPath": "<ROOT_CA_PEM_HERE>", "certPath": "<CLOUD_PEM_CRT_HERE>", "keyPath": "<CLOUD_PEM_KEY_HERE>", "thingArn": "<THING_ARN_HERE>", "iotHost": "<HOST_PREFIX_HERE>.iot.<AWS_REGION_HERE>", "ggHost": "greengrass.iot.<AWS_REGION_HERE>", "keepAlive": 600 }, "runtime": { "cgroup": { "useSystemd": "[yes|no]" } } }

    Update the file with the following content:

    { "coreThing": { "caPath": "root-ca.pem", "certPath": "cloud.pem.crt", "keyPath": "cloud.pem.key", "thingArn": “arn:aws:iot:us-west-2:049039099382:thing/GGTestGroup42_Core", "iotHost": "your-AWS-IoT-endpoint", "ggHost": "", "keepAlive": 600 }, "runtime": { "cgroup": { "useSystemd": "yes" } } }

    Attribute Description


    The path to the AWS IoT root CA certificate.


    The path to the AWS Greengrass core certificate.


    The path to the AWS Greengrass core private key.


    The ARN of the AWS IoT thing associated with your AWS Greengrass core.


    Your AWS IoT endpoint. Can be obtained using the aws iot describe-endpoint CLI command or in the Settings section of the AWS IoT console.


    A fully qualified AWS Greengrass host address. Replace us-west-2 with the AWS region you are using.