AWS Greengrass
User Guide

Writing Lambda functions for Greengrass

AWS Greengrass uses the same cloud programing model that developers already know — the on-demand, resource-light functions of AWS Lambda — and extends that ability to process, transform, and compute onto your own hardware.

If you are not familiar with Lambda programming, see Getting Started with AWS Lambda.

You use the Lambda console to add Lambda functions to your group. You can use an existing Greengrass blueprint or write your own function.

All AWS Greengrass group objects, including Lambda functions, rely on subscriptions to authorize the exchange of information.

Lambda functions running on an AWS Greengrass core must be packaged with the AWS SDK to call AWS services and the AWS Greengrass Core SDK to call AWS Greengrass Core SDK APIs.

  • Only the Python 2.7 runtime is currently supported.

  • They can run different versions (of the same function) simultaneously in a single group.

  • They can be run on demand (standard cloud functionality) or configured as a long-lived function and kept running indefinitely.

  • They do not use cloud event sources (also called triggers).