AWS CloudFormation
User Guide (API Version 2010-05-15)

Viewing AWS CloudFormation Stack Data and Resources on the AWS Management Console

After you've created an AWS CloudFormation stack, you can use the AWS Management Console to view its data and resources. You can view the following stack information:


Displays outputs that were declared in the stack's template.


Displays the resources that are part of the stack.


Displays the operations that are tracked when you create, update, or delete the stack.

All events that are triggered by a given stack operation are assigned the same client request token, which you can use to track operations. Stack operations that are initiated from the console use the token format Console-StackOperation-ID, which helps you to easily identify the stack operation. For example, if you create a stack using the console, each resulting stack event would be assigned the same token in the following format: Console-CreateStack-7f59c3cf-00d2-40c7-b2ff-e75db0987002.


Displays the stack's template.

For stacks that contain transforms, choose View original template to view the user-submitted template, or View processed template to view the template after AWS CloudFormation has processed the transforms. AWS CloudFormation uses the processed template to create or update your stack.


Displays the stack's parameters and their values.


Displays any tags that were associated with the stack.

Stack Policy

Describes the stack resources that are protected against stack updates. To update these resources, they must be explicitly allowed during a stack update.

To view information about your AWS CloudFormation stack

  1. Select your stack in the AWS CloudFormation console. This displays information in the stack detail pane.

  2. In the detail pane, click a tab to view the related information about your stack.

    For example, click Outputs to view the outputs that are associated with your stack.

               The Outputs tab in the detail pane.