Amazon Lex
Developer Guide

Built-in Intents and Slot Types

Built-in Intents

Amazon Lex supports the Alexa standard built-in intents library for common actions. To create an intent from a built-in intent, select one of the existing built-in intents in the console, and add a custom name.

The base intent configuration, such as sample utterances and slots, is available to the intent you are creating.

For a list of built-in intents, see Standard Built-in Intents in the Alexa Skills Kit.


  • Amazon Lex doesn't support AMAZON.YesIntent and AMAZON.NoIntent.

  • Amazon Lex doesn't support the intents in the Built-in Intent Library in the Alexa Skills Kit.

  • In the current implementation, you can't add or remove sample utterances or slots from the base intent. Also, you cannot configure slots for build-in intents.

Built-in Slots

Amazon Lex supports several built-in slot types from the Alexa Skills Kit. You can create slots of these types in your intents. They eliminate the need to create enumeration values for commonly used slot data such as date, time, and location. The built-in slot types do not have versions.

For a list of available built-in slot types, see Slot Type Reference in the Alexa Skills Kit. Amazon Lex supports all of the built-in slot types except the ones marked "Developer Preview."


Amazon Lex doesn't support the AMAZON.LITERAL built-in slot type.