Getting Started Guide (Version 1.10)

Display Options and Settings

You can use Lumberyard Editor's display options and settings to customize your view to see the most useful tools and options.

Perspective Viewport Options

To configure display options for the Perspective viewport, right-click the viewport title bar. Select or clear options to suit your individual workflow preferences.

Show/Hide Helpers

The right side of the viewport title bar has additional display settings. Click the ? icon to show or hide entity icons and their visual guidelines. Hiding these elements can declutter your view when you want to focus on other components.

Toggle Display Information

To change the amount of debug/display information that appears in the Perspective viewport, click the i (information) icon. Click this icon multiple times to choose the level of information you'd like to see.

Navigation Speed Settings

You can adjust your Perspective viewport navigation speed. The Speed setting displays the current movement speed setting. Type a number into the Speed field, or click .1 (slow), 1 (normal), or 10 (fast).