Getting Started Guide (Version 1.10)

Editor Layout

Rollup Bar and some objects are in legacy mode and are scheduled to be removed in a future release. See version information for replacement system(s).

To get the most out of Lumberyard, familiarize yourself with these terms and areas.

Lumberyard Editor window comprises the following areas:

  1. Main menu – All functions and settings.

  2. Editor toolbar – Most commonly used tools and editors.

  3. Viewport title bar – Search bar and display options for Perspective viewport.

  4. Perspective viewport – 3D environment view of level.

  5. Viewport controls – Controls for selected objects, options for navigation speeds, and other viewport features.

  6. Asset Browser – Access to assets that can be dragged and instantiated in the viewport.

  7. Entity Inspector – Access to entities and components that enable users to build and organize interactive content.

  8. Game Info – The game directory and game DLL that is running in the editor. For this tutorial, the game directory and game DLL should be set to StarterGame. If it is not, return to Running Lumberyard Setup Assistant. See the section entitled To select Starter Game as a project.