Getting Started Guide (Version 1.10)

Essential Tools

Lumberyard Editor features many tools, settings, and options to help you build high quality games. The most essential tools for manipulating objects are Select, Move, Rotate, and Scale tools. Note that you can select objects with any of these tools.

You can select these tools with either a keyboard shortcut or from the Lumberyard Editor toolbar, as shown in the following image.

  1. Select

  2. Move

  3. Rotate

  4. Scale

Each tool provides its own unique 3D handle, called a gizmo, on the selected object. This helps you identify the tool that is currently selected.


If you don't see the toolbar with these tools, right-click an empty area of the menu or toolbar area and choose EditMode Toolbar.

To use the keyboard to select a tool

Press any of the following numbers on your keyboard:

  • Select1

  • Move2

  • Rotate3

  • Scale4

Place an object in your level to help you follow along and test out the essential tools described in the following sections.

To place an object

  1. To find an object to place, do the following:

    1. In the Asset Browser, next to the search filter box, click the funnel icon .

    2. Click All to clear all the check boxes, and then click Geometry to select it.

    3. In the Asset Browser, expand the StarterGame directory.

    4. Expand the Objects directory. Keep expanding directories until you see items with a .cgf extension. These are Lumberyard geometry assets.

  2. Drag an interesting asset into the viewport.

  3. Press Z to center the camera on your newly placed object.

  4. Try placing other objects.