Getting Started Guide (Version 1.10)

Adding Lights

Now that your scene is set to night time, you can more clearly see the lights that you are about to place. In Lumberyard, a light is an entity with a light component added to it.

The lights in Starter Game are legacy lights built with Cry entities. This tutorial, however, shows you how to create lights with the new component entities.

To add lights

  1. First, create a new entity: Right-click in Entity Outliner and choose Create entity.

  2. In the Entity Inspector, click Add Component. Under Rendering, choose Point Light.

    The light appears in the viewport, as shown in the following picture.

  3. The default settings of a point light make it too small to see in a large level such as the Starter Game level.

    To make your light visible, adjust the following values:

    1. Max Distance50 (meters)

    2. Attenuation Bulb Size5 (meters)


    If you have trouble precisely aligning the light, the light is likely snapping to the grid. Turn off Snap to Grid in the editor toolbar, as shown in the following image, to move your light more precisely.

  4. Save your level file.