Getting Started Guide (Version 1.10)

Adjusting Time of Day

Use lighting tools to adjust and animate the time of day. The Time of Day editor features a variety of tools to adjust and manage time of day settings. This tutorial focuses only on changing the time of day.

The Time of Day editor has the following features:

  1. Editor toolbar – Icon toolbar for most common functions: undo, redo, import, export

  2. HDR Settings – Settings to manage HDR (high dynamic range) lighting

  3. Time of Day Tasks – Management of basic tasks within the Time of Day editor

  4. Current Time – Display of start and end times as well as play speed

  5. Update Tasks – Controls to update the play or stop of time of day, based on play speed setting

  6. Timeline – Management of light settings along a 24-hour time cycle

  7. Parameters – Lighting settings to adjust time of day conditions

To adjust time of day

  1. Do one of the following to open the Time of Day editor:

    • On the editor toolbar, click the Time of Day editor icon.

    • From the main menu, choose: Tools, Other, Time of Day.

  2. In the Tasks area, choose Import from File. Navigate to StarterGame\Levels\StarterGame and open TimeOfDay.xml.

    This loads a set of time of day settings created for this tutorial. Notice the changes in light, fog, and sky colors.

  3. In the timeline, drag the timeline marker (gray bar) to the number 21 (indicating 21:00 or 9:00 p.m.).  As you drag the timeline marker, you can watch your scene in the Perspective viewport change from day to night.

  4. Adjust the timeline marker to different times of day to see the lighting changes in your scene.  Observe how this time adjustment also changes the settings in the Parameters area.

  5. Close the Time of Day editor.