Getting Started Guide (Version 1.10)

Creating a New Material

To create a new material, you use the Material Editor. The Material Editor's features are described in Painting the Terrain.

To create a new material

  1. Do one of the following to open the Material Editor:

    • On the editor toolbar, click the Material Editor icon

    • From the main menu, choose Tools, Material Editor

  2. Expand Game\Materials.

  3. Select Test. In the toolbar, click Add New Item.

  4. Expand Game\Materials\Test. For File name, type sphere. Click Save.

  5. In the Material Editor, select the sphere you just created. Your Material Editor should look similar to the following.

  6. Under Texture Maps (lower right area), find the Diffuse line and click the folder.

  7. Navigate to Games\Textures\Terrain. Open AMA_White_01.tif. This image file gives the object its material appearance.

  8. Under Materials Settings, for Surface Type, select rubber from the list.

    This gives the material object the properties of rubber; objects mapped with rubber bounce when hitting another surface.

  9. Under Lighting Settings, set Diffuse Color (Tint) to 0,40,155.

  10. Set Specular Color to 60,60,60.

  11. Set Smoothness to 175.

  12. Save your material setting. To do this, in the toolbar, click the Save item icon.

  13. Experiment with these various settings to see how adjusting Diffuse color, Specular color, and Smoothness quickly changes your material's appearance.

    If you are continuing to the next section, leave the Material Editor open.