Getting Started Guide (Version 1.10)

Preview and Legacy Tools

Lumberyard continues to create new tools to help simplify workflows and improve your iteration speed. Tools in Lumberyard Editor that are marked Preview will eventually replace the tools that are marked Legacy.

To learn more about these new Lumberyard features, see the Lumberyard Tutorials page.

Preview Tools

New tools are marked PREVIEW in Lumberyard Editor. These preview tools are stable and usable. These tools offer a high quality, functional, and consistent experience, but may not be perfect.

The preview tools include the following:

  • Lua Scripting – This script-based alternative to the Flow Graph editor improves runtime performance, is easy to troubleshoot, and allows scripts to be reloaded within the engine. In a future release, Lumberyard will provide a tool called Script Canvas, a visual scripting replacement for flow graph.


  • Entities – The new entity system consists of entities and components. You can add components to an entity to give specific capabilities to that entity. The preview tools in the component entity system include Entity Inspector and Entity Outliner. You can add components from the following categories to your entities:

    • AI

    • Animation

    • Audio

    • Camera

    • Editor

    • Game

    • Gameplay

    • Network

    • Physics

    • Rendering

    • Scripting

    • Shape

    • UI

    • VR


  • Slices – Similar to the capability of prefabs, slices are reusable, easily updatable component entity templates. You can modify slices individually or push all changes to all instances of the slice. A major advantage of slices over prefabs is that slice hierarchies can contain other slice hierarchies without flattening them. This allows for robust slice layering.


  • Entity Outliner – An alternative to the object selector, this tool provides a hierarchical and collapsible view of slices and entities in the level.


  • Entity Inspector – This tool provides a comprehensive view and customization ability of the components on each entity. You can add, remove, cut, copy, paste, and reorder components on each entity.

Legacy Tools

Tools that are marked LEGACY in the editor indicate that we are no longer advancing these tools, and they will eventually be deprecated.

The following tools are marked legacy in the editor:

  • Flow graph

  • Object selector

  • Rollup Bar (hidden in the default layout)

  • Layer Editor

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