User Guide (Version 1.11)

Virtual Reality Project Sample

The Virtual Reality Project sample is a template that you can use to build virtual reality (VR) applications for any supported device. The sample is configured with the base set of Gems (HMD Framework, Oculus, OpenVR, and OSVR) that you need for VR and demonstrates the following essential VR features:

  • Room-scale VR setup

  • Tracked controller input system

  • Spatialized audio playback

  • Stereo 360 video playback

To install the Virtual Reality Project sample

  1. Download the package at Lumberyard Downloads and extract it in your Lumberyard directory. For example, \Lumberyard\1.x.0.0.

  2. Open the Lumberyard Setup Assistant. On the Summary page, click Project Configurator.


    To ensure that the VR project launches, you must use Setup Assistant to open Project Configurator. Lumberyard Setup Assistant copies required SDKs from the 3rdParty directory into the dev\VirtualRealityProject directory.

  3. In the Project Configurator, select VirtualRealityProject.

  4. Click Set as default. Close the Project Configurator.

  5. Open Lumberyard Setup Assistant. On the Summary page, click Launch editor.


The video playback on the TV in the VR_TVRoom_Sample level must be enabled before you can view video playback. For instructions on settting up video playback, see Setting up Video Playback. After completing video playback setup, you must also rebuild the virtual reality project.