AWS Elemental MediaConvert
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Working With CloudWatch Events and AWS Elemental MediaConvert

You can use Amazon CloudWatch Events to connect two other AWS services. For example, you can set up CloudWatch Events so that if an AWS Elemental MediaConvert job fails, Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) sends you an email notification. Or, for example, you can set up CloudWatch Events so that, when your AWS Elemental MediaConvert job finishes, a Lambda function to initiates your postprocessing code.

To set up CloudWatch Events, you create a rule in CloudWatch Events that links the initiating service and the service that is activated. The diagram below shows these two parts of CloudWatch Events rules. In the Amazon SNS example, you might name the rule you create "MediaConvert Job Error". The event source is the event AWS Elemental MediaConvert sends to CloudWatch when the status of a job changes to "Error". The target is the Amazon SNS topic you set up with the email address you want the message sent to. For a tutorial on setting up this CloudWatch Events event rule, see Tutorial: Sending Amazon Simple Notification Service Alerts for Failed Jobs.

For more information on the events AWS Elemental MediaConvert can send in the CloudWatch Events event stream, see AWS Elemental MediaConvert Events.

            CloudWatch Events rules bring together an event source and a target.