AWS Elemental MediaConvert
User Guide

DVB-Sub and Teletext Output Captions

Where to Specify the Captions

Put your captions in the same output group but a different output from your video.

After you add captions to an output, delete the Video and Audio 1 groups that the service automatically created with the output. To do that, pause on Video, and then choose the X that appears to the right. Repeat for Audio 1.

How to Specify Multiple Languages

  • If your input captions are the same format as your output captions (passthrough), you need to create only one group of captions settings. The captions selector you choose under Captions source includes all languages from the input.

  • If your input captions are in a different format, create one group of captions settings for each language. Put each group of captions settings in the same output. They will appear in the list of settings groups as Captions 1, Captions 2, and so forth. In each group of settings, choose the captions selector under Captions source that is set up for the language you want to include.