AWS Elemental MediaConvert
User Guide

CEA/EIA-608 and CEA/EIA-708 (Embedded) Output Captions

Where to Specify the Captions

Put your captions in the same output group and the same output as your video.

How to Specify Multiple Languages

  • If your input captions format is embedded (that is, you are passing through embedded-to-embedded), you need to create only one group of captions settings. The captions selector that you choose under Captions source includes all languages from the input.

  • If your input captions are not embedded, you can only include one captions language per output. In each output, include one group of captions settings. Under Captions source, choose the selector that is set up for the language you want to include.

Setting Up the HLS Manifest

If the captions are embedded captions and the output package is HLS, you can choose to include captions language information in the manifest.

To set up captions language information in an HLS manifest

  1. In the HLS output group, choose the output that you are adding captions to.

  2. Choose a value for Captions languages as follows:

    • Omit: Omits any CLOSED-CAPTION lines from the manifest

    • None: Includes one CLOSED-CAPTION=None line in the manifest

    • Insert: Inserts one or more lines in the manifest

  3. If you choose Insert for Captions languages, complete these fields as follows:

    • Complete as many fields as there are captions languages in this output

    • The order in which you enter the languages must match the order of the captions in the source