AWS Elemental MediaConvert
User Guide

AWS Elemental MediaConvert Events

AWS Elemental MediaConvert sends job status change events to CloudWatch Events. You can create CloudWatch Events rules for any of the following events.

Job Status Change Events

Event Sent when Contains


A job moves from Submitted state to Progressing state.

Time in queue.


A job completes successfully. All outputs were generated without errors.

Warnings or any other ephemeral job information about the job's completion status, as well as the ephemeral output probe information.


A job errors. At least one output has an error.

The error code or codes and any messages, as well as warnings or any other ephemeral job information about the job's error status.


After the progressing event, before the complete or error event, once all of the inputs for the job have been probed.

The ephemeral probe information for all of the inputs. Info for all inputs is included in a single event.