Authenticate Users with Amazon Cognito Identity

What is Amazon Cognito Identity?#

Using Amazon Cognito Identity, you can create unique identities for your users and authenticate them for secure access to your AWS resources like Amazon S3 or DynamoDB. Amazon Cognito Identity supports public identity providers—Amazon, Facebook, Twitter/Digits, Google, or any OpenID Connect-compatible provider—as well as unauthenticated identities. Cognito also supports developer authenticated identities, which let you register and authenticate users using your own backend authentication process, while still using Amazon Cognito Sync to synchronize user data and access AWS resources.

For more information about Cognito Identity, see the Amazon Cognito Developer Guide.

For information about Cognito Authentication Region availability, see AWS Service Region Availability.

Using a Public Provider to Authenticate Users#

For information on using public identity providers like Amazon, Facebook, Twitter/Digits, or Google to authenticate users, see the External Providers in the Amazon Cognito Developer Guide.

Using Developer Authenticated Identities#

For information on developer authenticated identities, see the Developer Authenticated Identities in the Amazon Cognito Developer Guide.