Create Push Notification Campaigns with Amazon Pinpoint

What is Amazon Pinpoint?#

Using Amazon Pinpoint, you can create push notification campaigns that provide your users with timely, relevant, personalized information to encourage them to keep using your mobile app. You can use push notification campaigns to increase app awareness, downloads, and launches; build customer loyalty; and ultimately boost your mobile revenues.

Campaigns can include things such as welcome and onboarding messages, invites to less-engaged or lapsed users, location-based invites, time-based reminders, and special offers for frequent users. You can use Amazon Pinpoint to create and push different campaigns based on groupings of specific user characteristics, which we refer to as user segments.

Using the following resources, you can integrate Amazon Pinpoint with your Android app to make it ready to be part of a campaign.

For information on Amazon Pinpoint concepts and service configuration, see the Amazon Pinpoint Developer Guide.

For instructions on how to integrate Amazon Pinpoint into your Android application, see Integrating Amazon Pinpoint With Android Apps.

For end to end sample apps using Amazon Pinpoint see the AWS SDK for Android samples.