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Working with Line Charts

Use line charts to compare changes in measure values over period of time, for the following scenarios:

  • One measure over a period of time, for example gross sales by month.

  • Multiple measures over a period of time, for example gross sales and net sales by month.

  • One measure for a dimension over a period of time, for example number of flight delays per day by airline.

Line charts show the individual values of a set of measures or dimensions against the range displayed by the Y axis. Area line charts differ from regular line charts in that each value is represented by a colored area of the chart instead of just a line, to make it easier to evaluate item values relative to each other.

For example, discount amount by year by region looks like this in a line chart:

And like this in an area line chart:

Each line on the chart represents a measure value across a period of time. When you have a chart with multiple lines, hover over any line to see a pop-up legend that shows the values for each line for that point in time.