Amazon QuickSight
User Guide

Working with Data in Amazon QuickSight

You can base your Amazon QuickSight analyses on a variety of data sources, including AWS data stores, Salesforce, files in common formats, and popular database engines. You connect to these data sources and create data sets, which identify the specific data from that data source that you want to work with. Data sets also store any data preparation you have done on that data, so that you can re-use that prepared data in multiple analyses. Data preparation provides options such as adding calculated fields, applying filters, and changing field names or data types. If you are basing the data source on a SQL database, you can also use data preparation to join tables or enter a SQL query if you want to work with data from more than a single table.

You can view your available data sets on the Your Data Sets page, which you reach by choosing Manage data on the Amazon QuickSight start page. You can view available data sources and create a new data set on the Create a Data Set page, which you reach by choosing New data set on the Your Data Sets page.