Quick Start Reference Deployment Guide

Appendix B: Enhancements in This Release

AWS is constantly working to improve the design and ease of use of these Quick Start solutions, and to incorporate suggestions and new requirements from AWS customers and partners. This version of the Quick Start simplifies the overall process of deploying fully functional SAP HANA systems on the AWS Cloud while providing more flexibility. This latest version includes the following changes and enhancements.

Performance and security:

  • Support for the X1 instance type and scale-out clusters.

  • Provisioning of managed NAT gateway in place of NAT instance.

  • Bastion host for SSH access with tightened security.

High availability and disaster recovery:

  • Automatic recovery option, including Amazon CloudWatch alarms for the Amazon EC2 instance hosting your SAP HANA database.

Ease of use:

  • Better user experience with categories and friendly labels for AWS CloudFormation input parameters.

  • Simpler deployment process with no extraction of media files and no snapshots.

  • Ability to use the SAP HANA media staged in your S3 bucket rather than an Amazon EBS snapshot.

New deployment options:

  • Ability to provision SAP-certified infrastructure (Amazon EC2 and Amazon EBS) without installing the SAP HANA software. (This gives you the flexibility to install the SAP HANA software on your own if you prefer a custom installation.)

  • Ability to choose the specific Linux operating system and version for your SAP HANA system without having to specify the Amazon Machine Image (AMI) IDs.

New configuration options:

  • Ability to choose different storage options (gp2 or io1) for your SAP HANA data and log volumes.

  • Ability to encrypt your Amazon EBS volumes.

  • Ability to provision the SAP HANA worker node name during a scale-out deployment.

  • Optional provisioning of the Amazon EC2 instance with Windows Server as an RDP system.