Amazon Redshift
Database Developer Guide (API Version 2012-12-01)

Visibility of Data in System Tables and Views

There are two classes of visibility for data in system tables and views: user visible and visible to superusers.

Only users with superuser privileges can see the data in those tables that are in the superuser visible category. Regular users can see data in the user visible tables. In most cases, rows generated by another user are invisible to a regular user. All rows in STV_RECENTS and SVV_TRANSACTIONS are visible to all users. A superuser can see all rows in all tables.

Filtering System-Generated Queries

The query-related system tables and views, such as SVL_QUERY_SUMMARY, SVL_QLOG, and others, usually contain a large number of automatically generated statements that Amazon Redshift uses to monitor the status of the database. These system-generated queries are visible to a superuser, but are seldom useful. To filter them out when selecting from a system table or system view that uses the userid column, add the condition userid > 1 to the WHERE clause. For example:

select * from svl_query_summary where userid > 1