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Database Developer Guide (API Version 2012-12-01)

INITCAP Function

Capitalizes the first letter of each word in a specified string. INITCAP supports UTF-8 multibyte characters, up to a maximum of four bytes per character.





The input parameter is a CHAR or VARCHAR string.

Return Type

The INITCAP function returns a VARCHAR string.

Usage Notes

The INITCAP function makes the first letter of each word in a string uppercase, and any subsequent letters are made (or left) lowercase. Therefore, it is important to understand which characters (other than space characters) function as word separators. A word separator character is any non-alphanumeric character, including punctuation marks, symbols, and control characters. All of the following characters are word separators:

! " # $ % & ' ( ) * + , - . / : ; < = > ? @ [ \ ] ^ _ ` { | } ~

Tabs, newline characters, form feeds, line feeds, and carriage returns are also word separators.


The following example capitalizes the initials of each word in the CATDESC column:

select catid, catdesc, initcap(catdesc) from category order by 1, 2, 3; catid | catdesc | initcap -------+--------------------------------------------+-------------------------------------------- 1 | Major League Baseball | Major League Baseball 2 | National Hockey League | National Hockey League 3 | National Football League | National Football League 4 | National Basketball Association | National Basketball Association 5 | Major League Soccer | Major League Soccer 6 | Musical theatre | Musical Theatre 7 | All non-musical theatre | All Non-Musical Theatre 8 | All opera and light opera | All Opera And Light Opera 9 | All rock and pop music concerts | All Rock And Pop Music Concerts 10 | All jazz singers and bands | All Jazz Singers And Bands 11 | All symphony, concerto, and choir concerts | All Symphony, Concerto, And Choir Concerts (11 rows)

The following example shows that the INITCAP function does not preserve uppercase characters when they do not begin words. For example, MLB becomes Mlb.

select initcap(catname) from category order by catname; initcap ----------- Classical Jazz Mlb Mls Musicals Nba Nfl Nhl Opera Plays Pop (11 rows)

The following example shows that non-alphanumeric characters other than spaces function as word separators, causing uppercase characters to be applied to several letters in each string:

select email, initcap(email) from users order by userid desc limit 5; email | initcap ------------------------------------+------------------------------------ | Urna.Ut@Egetdictumplacerat.Edu | Nibh.Enim@Egestas.Ca | In@Donecat.Ca | Sodales@Blanditviverradonec.Ca | Sociis.Natoque.Penatibus@Vitae.Org (5 rows)