Amazon Rekognition
Developer Guide

Amazon Rekognition: How It Works

The computer vision API operations that Amazon Rekognition provides can be grouped in the following categories:

  • Non-storage API operations – The API operations in this group do not persist any information on the server. You provide input images, the API performs the analysis, and returns results, but nothing is saved on the server. The API can be used for operations such as the following:


    • Detect labels or faces in an image. A label refers to any of the following: objects (for example, flower, tree, or table), events (for example, a wedding, graduation, or birthday party), or concepts (for example, a landscape, evening, and nature). The input image you provide to these API operations can be in JPEG or PNG image format.

    • Compare faces in two images and return faces in the target image that match a face in the source image.

    • Detect celebrities in images.

    • Analyse images for explicit or suggestive adult content.


  • Storage-based API operations – Amazon Rekognition provides an API operation that detects faces in the input image and persists facial feature vectors in a database on the server. Amazon Rekognition provides additional API operations you can use to search the persisted face vectors for face matches. None of the input image bytes are stored.