AWS SDK for C++
Developer Guide

Document History

This topic lists major changes to the AWS SDK for C++ Developer Guide over the course of its history.

  • Latest documentation update: Aug 21, 2017

April 13, 2017

Added new examples: Managing Access to Amazon S3 Buckets Using Bucket Policies and Configuring an Amazon S3 Bucket as a Website, as well as refreshing the content in Creating, Listing, and Deleting Buckets and Operations on Objects.

Made the Utility Modules topic more useful!

April 03, 2017

Added new topics to the CloudWatch Examples section: Getting Metrics from CloudWatch, Publishing Custom Metric Data Working with CloudWatch Alarms, Using Alarm Actions in CloudWatch and Sending Events to CloudWatch

March 28, 2017

Added new topics to the Amazon EC2 Examples section: Managing Amazon EC2 Instances, Using Elastic IP Addresses in Amazon EC2, Using Regions and Availability Zones, Working with Amazon EC2 Key Pairs, and Working with Security Groups in Amazon EC2

March 23, 2017

Added new topics to the IAM section: Managing IAM Access Keys, Using IAM Account Aliases, Working with IAM Policies, and Working with IAM Server Certificates

March 10, 2017

Added new topics to Amazon SQS Examples: Using Dead Letter Queues in Amazon SQS, doc:examples-sqs-long-polling, and Setting Visibility Timeout in Amazon SQS

February 27, 2017

A new topic in the Getting Started section, Using the SDK, has been added to show how to properly initialize and shutdown the SDK.

In addition to the existing Amazon S3 examples, new code examples have been added for Amazon SQS Examples and IAM.

February 02, 2016

Documentation first created.