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Class: Aws::Pinpoint::Types::EndpointBatchRequest

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When passing EndpointBatchRequest as input to an Aws::Client method, you can use a vanilla Hash:

  item: [
      address: "__string",
      attributes: {
        "__string" => ["__string"],
      channel_type: "GCM", # accepts GCM, APNS, APNS_SANDBOX, ADM, SMS, EMAIL, BAIDU
      demographic: {
        app_version: "__string",
        locale: "__string",
        make: "__string",
        model: "__string",
        model_version: "__string",
        platform: "__string",
        platform_version: "__string",
        timezone: "__string",
      effective_date: "__string",
      endpoint_status: "__string",
      id: "__string",
      location: {
        city: "__string",
        country: "__string",
        latitude: 1.0,
        longitude: 1.0,
        postal_code: "__string",
        region: "__string",
      metrics: {
        "__string" => 1.0,
      opt_out: "__string",
      request_id: "__string",
      user: {
        user_attributes: {
          "__string" => ["__string"],
        user_id: "__string",

Endpoint batch update request.

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